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  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then real time 3D is worth a thousand pictures. What is the difference that an accurate and interactive visualization makes:
-In Science it is critical for discovery of a new phenomena
-In Life Sciences it means drug discovery and more reliable diagnoses for patients
-In Manufacturing it helps to improve product quality and overall productivity
-In Forensics it is more efficient analysis and ultimately better crime resolution rate
-In Business it is all about accurate and intelligent decision making
Product groups  
Surface 3D Volume 4D
Microscopy AFM, SPM, SEM Microscopy with 3D functions
DREDGE_3D, Dredging, hydraulic survey Sophisticated 3D Software for Dredging Business
Geography GIS, LIDAR, DEM
Sonar, LIDAR, DTM processor
TOF camera, Laser Scanner Laser Scan Partner
Medical 3D in Stereo mode MRI, CT Scanner 4D stack data,
Computed tomography (CT) ,
Earthwork, Estimation and Excavation in Real time 3D. Cut and Fill business
Forensic image, fingerprint and document enhancement Confocal Microscopy,
Business, financial stock market visualization 4D XYZ+Value data, Stock market analysis
Laser Beam Profiler, 3D analysis of laser beam profile
Time Resolved FFT spectrum EEG, GC x GC spectroscopy, etc. Spectrum analysis: Multi-channel 3D
True 3D thermal map for IR camera based thermograph. Sophisticated IR map processor


Visualization is the Art of Science
More dimensions to your data
More intelligence to your business solution
Faster decision making for managers
Quick solutions, more productivity for developers
New insight and more ideas for science
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Surface / Multiple Volume / Voxel Forensic Comparator GIS, Lidar, DEM, Map Business / Stock Market Demos


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