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  Multilayer3D PRO, Sample 3D images
  Advanced 3D GIS (Radar) visualization system for environmental and structural monitoring. Multiple layer digital elevation model (DEM, height) and raster scalar color maps are presented in the same image. In full picture intersections of DEM (height) and raster scalar data with orthogonal planes are plotted as standard charts. The elevation data and 3D Image are courtesy of our partner LiSALab srl, Italy. Contact Dr. Davide Leva. Combined Advanced monitoring instruments and software solutions are available from LiSALab.

Geo Surface3D PRO
  Atomic Force / Kelvin Probe Force (KPFM) combined Microscopy: AFM height (upper surface), KPFM Voltage Drop images of the GaAlAs/GaAs n-i-p laser diode at different applied voltages. Inset shows the intersection of both data sets with an orthogonal plane.

MultilayerAFM 3D software

  Atomic Force / Phase combined microscopy. The correlation between AFM height (red-yellow) and phase (blue spikes) images of Epoxy compound. The complex trend of relation between the two different AFM modes is revealed in one 3D screen. Volume measuring tool is shown on the left side.
  Combined representation of the AFM height (shown as 3D digital elevation model, colored in accordance with height) and MFM magnetic field layers. The sample is the hard drive (HD) scanned by AFM in height and MFM modes. Magnetic field (MFM) layer is represented as pseudo 2D flat black-and-white layer. Intersection orthogonal plane and volume read out tools are shown. 3D Axis is scaled to the relative units.
  AFM / MFM combined analysis of the HD magnetic surface in 3D mode. MFM layer is masked to show signal areas only.

MultilayerAFM 3D software
  AFM / MFM combined mode. MFM upper image shows positive and negative magnetic forse as blue and white dots. Magnetic storage media research.
  Semiconductor micro circuit measured by AFM in high and medium resolution modes. Both overlays are shown together in one screen. Volume measuring tool is also present.

  Comparison of nanochains in double 3D surface screen. Layer under comparison is represented as semitransparent.
  Fractal carbon filaments grown on insulators under irradiation in electron microscopes.
Data courtesy Prof. Dr. Florian Banhart, Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Mainz, Germany

Ordered Block-Copolymer Assembly Using Nanoimprint Lithography,
H-W. Li and W. T. S. Huck Nano Lett. 2004, 4, 1633-1636.
Data courtesy Dr. Wilhelm T. S. Huck, University of Cambridge, Department of Chemistry, Melville Laboratory, UK. (Alternative link) or PDF

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