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  Geo Surface3D PRO  

Advanced 3D graphics for Geographic Information System (GIS)
ScienceGL offers 3D visualization for extended GIS data that combines multiple layer terrain and
multi-variable thematic map in one interactive 3D screen.
Visualize Digital Elevation Model (DEM), land map, roads, satellite image, LIDAR data in the same screen. Combine terrain data with vector graphics, businesses thematic map, weather map, etc. Use transparancy to highlight more important data. The unique combination of GIS and multi-variable thematic maps helps to discover trends and patterns quickly and accurately. No other data presentation method comes close to expressing so much information within such a small space.

The software is enchanced with data drill down capabilities with 3D interactive tools such as markers, intersection planes, volume, mouse XYZ position / information read out, distance measurement and much more.

The software package offers advanced yet affordable scientific graphics for professional scientists and students.
The software is available as end user solution and component for developers.

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  Main Features
Multiple 3D digital elevation model (DEM)
2D satellite image overlay
2D map overlay
LIDAR data layer with internal fast processor
DXF CAD layers
Vector graphics: lines, primitives, polygons, 3D labels
Multiple Object layer for vehicles, buildings, etc.
Business data layer, thematic maps
Interactive 3D measurement tools
Multiple 3D labels
Contour line map
Color map with user selectable palettes
Orthogonal cuts with 2D viewer
WEB friendly output (JPG)
Animation output (AVI)*


 Applications by field
Geographic information system, GIS
Hydrographic Survey, Dredging 
Archeology    more
LIDAR laser terrain mapping
Environmental and structural monitoring  
SAR terrain data


Visualization is the Art of Science
More data layers to GIS: click for full shot
Satellite, DEM, Lidar and map in one 3D screen
Business Data combined with Map
Quick solutions, more productivity for developers
Fast data analysis for business management
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