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  Forensic document analysis system  

New digital hyperspectrum equipment and software for forensic document examiners

ForensicXP is the only full digital forensic imaging spectrograph on the market. While similar in principle with traditional video spectral comparator, the instrument is based on latest 4D hyper-spectrum digital technology and implements hand off totally computerized operation for questioned document processing. The principle of operation is automatic hyperspectrum measurement and processing. The instrument was created as a result of 5 years of R&D and has drawn the attention of the forensic experts by its exceptional sensitivity and resolution. Due to new hyper-spectral processing the instrument can reveal most difficult cases of obliterated writings, such as graphite, printer, ink and combinations of all above. Get up to 95% of cases with pen line sequence problem solved, detect inks from same manufacturers but different batch, study your documents with advanced 3D visual representation and much more. Best of all is that you can get your examination job done faster, more accurate and at fraction of the price of the competitor systems.

Independently successful use of hyperspectral imaging to view obliterated writings was reported by Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education- FBI Laboratory Research Division. See reference here

NEWS: ForensicXP equipment will be exhibited at 4th Conference of the European Document Experts Working Group entitled“Digital Technology: the Document Examiner’s Friend and Foe”. The conference will take place on September 27-30, 2006 at the auditorium of the NFI in The Hague, Netherlands.

Key Advantages
Nondestructive analysis of questioned document in presence of seemingly equal but physically different features
High-resolution hyperspectrum imaging at IR-VIS-UV spectral range. Effective 16 bit imaging. Full spectrum measured at each document point.  
Spectral imaging of absorption, reflectance, transmitance and fluorescence of questioned document using hyper-spectrum technique 
Powerful up to x40 Zoom optics suitable for micro- and macro-size documents
Unlimited size document in  “Auto Stitch” mode of operation 
Advanced on-line digital 4D hyper-spectral image processing for direct analysis of documents for their originality and writing line sequence indications
3D visualization software for advanced analysis of measured features in questioned document. A valuable tool designed for pen pressure analysis and line sequence determination
Full automated, PC controlled operation for both hyper-spectrum acquisition and data processing into easy to interpret 2D and 3D images
Single-box integrated device (535x510 mm bench space) equipped with up to date PC 
Unique original line sequence determination algorithms
More info ForensicXP_4010 DM new  (pdf)

Forensic Image Comparator3D (software)  
Image Comparator2D (software)
3D Forensic Image Tutor (software) 
Hyperspectrum in document examination
White Paper: Report at EDEWG 2006 (pdf)
ForensicXP Simple flyer (pdf)



The Art of Science in forensic application
Digital video spectral comparator
Ink identification by physical measurable parameters of the hyperspectrum
Quick solutions, more productivity, less investment for document examiners
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