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new hyper-spectrometer equipment and software for forensic document examiners

forensic hyperspectrum document processor
during 6 years of r&d, original 4d hyper-spectrum data processor software was developed. based on hyper-spectrum image stack processing the software is optimized for specific document examining tasks. the program is designed to process data from hyper-spectral imaging equipment. it was successfully implemented in our partner product forensicxp automatic full digital hyper-imaging spectrograph. the o
riginal patent pending method was developed for spectral signature unwrapping and enhancement of spectrometer output. an exceptional sensitivity of the instrument and broad spectral range permits to detect very small differences in similar inks.
the software was specifically developed for forensic questioned document experts.
our new 4d hyper-spectrum digital technology proved to reveal the features not detectable by alternative methods.

forensicxp spectrometer equipped with our software was exhibited at 4th conference of the european document experts working group entitled “digital technology: the document examiner’s friend and foe”. the conference took place september 27-30, 2006 at the auditorium of the nfi in the hague, netherlands.

effective 16 bits per spectral channel, total 64 bits per image pixel, superior resolution
full digital data acquisition and processing 
ccd/cmos imager pixel response calibration
flexible spectral range selection
original hyper-spectral signature unwrap algorithm
split screen for simultaneous ink analysis from 2 separate documents
markers for reference and questioned ink comparison 
range of interest (roi) area of interest zoom
processed image reporting 
saving document and processing options (job save)
cie color xyz and lab color reporting
line sequence determination patent pending algorithm
2d and 3d image output
multiple markers for averaging of the spectra in multiple points 
spectrum visualization for any point of questioned document

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user friendly interface 
fast real time output (rotation in all angles to optimize observation) 
flexible zoom in all directions
color palettes
light adjustment 
single or multiple simultaneous analysis from different documents
markers for reference and questioned ink comparison 
range of interest (roi) area of interest zoom
processed image reporting 
2d and 3d image output
sdk for vc++, c#, vb, vb.net

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the art of science in forensics
hyperspectrum color processor for digital spectral image comparator
line sequence solution
new insight for document examiners
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