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2012. Dredge 3D
Report at Dredging and Port Construction.
ScienceGL Inc. provided for GLDD Dredge 3D engine. Real time, Multiple screens, Cut volume calculation, many advanced features.

Sophisticated Dredge_3D Software>
Publication at IHS Dredging and Port Construction Magazine,- 01 Mar 2012>

2010. Ballistics for Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences:
Report at AFTE 2010 Annual Conference 5/3/2010.
ScienceGL Inc. provided Bullet - Cartridge Multiple 3D Comparator Software for R&D at Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences. Report Published.

Full report, PDF, 28MB >
One image: True 3D Bullets>

May 2009. Sonar 4D visualization.

ScienceGL is credited as the provider of advanced 3D visualization technology to BlueFin Robotics Corp.'s Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. The cover article in Marine Technology Reporter May, 2009 issue (both print and digital).

Publication at Marine Technology: Subsea Defense: BlueFin, ScienceGL, Flash>
Copy, in PDF>

April 2008. Stock Market 3D visualization.

ScienceGL developed a financial markets visualization platform for real-time 3D visualization and analysis. This solution is targeted for investment professionals, and individual investors.

3D stock software>
November 2007. High performance parallel processing.

ScienceGL completed development of a parallel visualization
Platform for very large datasets computation, and visualization on Tiled Display walls. The solution is based on Microsoft Computer Cluster Server Architecture. This architecture can scale from a 2-node "desktop" cluster to high-end HPC platforms with multiple nodes. The solution targets markets for life sciences, and Medical Visualization.

October 2006. Microsoft Windows Vista tested by ScienceGL.

ScienceGL components and solutions have been tested by ScienceGL with Windows Vista operational system from Microsoft. Now our products are supported under both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows Vista OS. ScienceGL provides the same product support for users on a PC running Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7. Existing customers can contact us for free software update for Windows Vista.

Works with Windows Vista and Windows 7>

July 2006. Stereo Screen support.

ScienceGL introduces new stereo screen support feature for all range of our products. This major upgrade includes new advanced stereo marker support, measurement tools in 3D stereo screen, full 3D stereo interaction within 3D scene and more. The software utilizes OpenGL quadro frame buffer and it was tested with hardware of many stereo display manufacturers. Please contact us for detail.

:More info>

June 2006. New Thermal 3D IR image Mapping software.
ScienceGL presents new 3D visualization tools for thermal imaging. The thermal images from infrared (IR) cameras are visualized within true 3D map engine that amplifies the most important 3rd dimension of the plot, proportional to the temperature of the local points of your object. Unlike others traditional 2D thermal mapping tools we provide more accuracy, multiple thermal image comparison, live 3D screen, quantitative measuring tools.

::More info>

May 2006. New Fingerprint3D Comparator software.
ScienceGL offers new 3D visualization tools for Automated Fingerprint and Palmprint Identification System (AFIS). High accuracy in fingerprint matching is achieved by direct comparison of multiple images in 3D photorealistic mode. With Fingerprint 3D Comparator you can color, shade, enhance, zoom in all coordinates, move, and rotate 3D as well as 2D texture images with simple mouse operation to find the best fingerprint matching with most natural visual perception. Minutiae marking and porous analysis are available with our patent pending interactive 3D tools. The software was developed for forensic experts and biometrics applications.

::More info>

April 2006. New enhancement to Volume4D PRO software.
In many cases the medical volumetric data needed to be visualized using direct volume texture based algorithms. ScienceGL has developed direct texture visualization for volume data such as radiology CT stack, magnetic resonance imaging MRI, etc. The new module can be used in combination to alternative isosurface constructor within our volume4D PRO software. The new isosurface extraction algorithm was significantly optimized and accelerated. The software was successfully applied for ultrasound scanning application.

February 2006. New Product for Virtual Archeology.
Archaeologists collect large amounts of data that require the exploration and understanding of complex spatial relationships among the artifacts, surrounding architectural ruins, real elevation 3D maps, collected by means of LIDAR technology, GPS instruments, etc.
ScienceGL introduces the new product Archeology3D that allows scientists to bring all of the archeological data together in concise 3D representations. The software helps to process vast (10th of Mega-points) data sets, use different kinds of 3D vector, 3D dot, 3D line layers, use interactive 3D marker objects, draw all data of interest into compiled and optimized 3D screen, use virtual reality type of graphics to animate, zoom, walk through, drilldown of the data. For advanced users ScienceGL offers also stereo screen support, with stereo markers, custom features and much more.

With this software archeologists from the Landscape Research Centre (LRC), Yorkshire, England was able to discover several new trends and important historical locations.
"I never dreamed to do so many things so fast..."
Dominic Powlesland form LRC.    http://www.landscaperesearchcentre.org

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January 2006. New Product for Business and Stock Market Analysis.
ScienceGL announces new product StockMap3D that brings power of scientific data visualization to your desktop. The software package features advanced 3D visualization that is much more powerful than common 2D charting. Enhancing the visualization to the 3rd dimension offers natural human perception for instant data evaluation and assessment. Our software can plot several hundreds tickers data on the same screen in real time for fast and easy analysis. The new 3D approach offers you virtual reality type of graphics that features: high level of intuitive interaction, combination of 3D and conventional charts, multiple portfolio views, real time rotation, data zoom, data drilldown, mouse driven data of interest reporting and much more. StockMap3D is best for real time mapping of the financial market with maximum possible information at the same time. The product is aimed for investors who is looking for better representation utilizing obvious advantages of 3D graphics over 2D charts.

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