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If you want to find a decent trader, visit your local builders merchants, and specialist suppliers, and ask them who they would recommend. Use word of mouth recommendations, then you can see the quality of work, but for the love of God, that means someone you actually know and trust, not a Facebook group. Whilst the industry is busy the best tradesmen don't need to raise their profile or seek work via the internet. The best sole traders get more work than they need via word of mouth. The best small firms get repeat work via architects and subbing for main contractors. Neither need to waste their time online or spend any longer than necessary to write quotes.

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Just make sure the books you buy are in good condition. Online arbitrage works like retail arbitrage with one crucial difference. You don't buy books offline; you buy them on other online marketplaces like eBay.

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Tip Jar is basically a way for your followers to monetarily "tip" you via some of the most popular payment platforms online. It essentially works like popular bio link tools like Linktree, except it's built right into Twitter. Mashable Image

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