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ScienceGL Inc. is a software company focused on development of advanced 3D and 4D visualization components and applications for business, science, and technology. We develop, market, and sell leading-edge components for software development, complete software applications, and custom software solutions. We believe that critical decisions that involve massive amounts of complex multidimensional data require more advanced and interactive visual representation than simple tables, pie-charts, and line-charts.

ScienceGL was co-founded by scientists, software and business professionals. The ScienceGL team possesses unique combined experience in the areas of fundamental physics research, electrical engineering, and computer science and graphics. The company has headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

The customers of ScienceGL include independent hardware and software manufacturers, research and academic institutions, and government agencies.

We aim to become the industry leader in scientific and engineering 3D/4D visualization software and solutions.

We are open to mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances.


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3D Visualization. The Art of Science

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