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1. General notes. Introduction.
Generally 3D visualization is an easy procedure, but it requires some understanding of what 3D surface is all about. As a reward of spending time on basic concepts below, you will gain a very powerful tool.

The idea of 3D visualization is very simple. We just apply to your personal experience in the real world. Experience on how the real things (or objects) look like. As we live in 3D rather than 2D photography world, we used to see some details of the objects that are lost in 2D pictures. For example when you want to see some scratch on CD surface you will automatically try to look from different directions until you find the correct angle of view. This procedure seems to be natural and simple, but in fact what happens is that you are using your powerful brain ﭰuter䯠find optimum lightning and viewing perspective at which you see the scratch. Or, more technically, you are looking for illumination condition such that cave of scratch results in nicely contrasting reflection into direction of your eye.

Now think of scratch as a tiny feature of the surface. And think of 3D software as a tool that allows you to imitate real live, i.e. imitate the way you would go looking for the scratch if you had it on real object. You are close to understand why 3D software is useful for image enhancement. Simply because it is used in conjunction with your brain to see on images what is hard to see otherwise.

Until very recently the 3D was exclusively used by professionals (movie makers, web designers, etc.). We tried to make the scientific graphics to be easy for money trader or stock market adviser, who can not afford spending much time playing around with PC, but rather needs a tool to make money in his practical situation. So, we have made the software that will help money maker to get immediately productive. The example below is aimed to streamline your 3DStock experience with our advanced software package.

With our new software, we try to make it possible to bring together many information sources of the financial market into the same 3D visualization screen that helps you to analyze the multiple symbols for fast and most accurate decision making. We also provide you with detailed user defined stock data drill-down that brings you back to convenient charts you accustom with. So, at the end, you will be able to join our 3D analytics with simple plot evaluation into a single integrated screen, benefiting from both scientific and common graphical approaches. See below some unique software features you can use in your stock trades.

2. Installation
Run setup MSI file downloaded or from CD to perform software installation.  



3. Loading Files, General Operation.
Run the program. Use "Data" button to load the sample data into the program.
The sample data is enclosed to installation package. After load you will see the image like Fig.1a,b
The data is presented as relative performance normalized on starting point of the historical S&P 500 data.

The general concepts of the visualization are as follows from Fig.1a,b below. You can click this image to enlarge.
Fig.1a 3D representation of Financial S&P 500 historical data. Main concepts.

Each company is represented as "tape" drawn in direction of Date/time. T
here are 2 surfaces available in demo: one is the full data loaded and second is the default selection of 10 best performing symbols. The selection can be made with left side list of all symbols loaded. The height of the tape is proportional to normalized performance of the symbol. For easy perception the performance of symbols is colored with palette. By default the symbols are sorted by symbol performance. Advantage of 3D visualization is that you can immediately evaluate performance of multiple symbols in one screen. In example above it is 50 companies in main surface and 10 companies in selection surface. According to the palette best performing tickers are colored as red, while medium as yellow (cyan), worst as dark blue. After general evaluation you can drill down the data by moving mouse or 3D pins within any point of interest, i.e. any date/time for any company. 

Fig.1b Financial historical S&P 500 market data in 3D Visualization mode. The symbol selection tool is located on the left side.

This tool lets you to select / un-select some stocks of interest from the full list of tickers loaded. Selection is represented as second multiple-symbol surface.

You can select symbols of interest by clicking corresponding tickers on selector tool as shown in Fig1.
When your selection is ready press "select" button. On left side of the 3D plot you can see all the data loaded, on right side of the 3D plot you can see selected symbol data plotted as separate surface.

Next step is to drilldown the data. You can initiate 2D plot by clicking left tool bar button as shown in Fig.2

Fig.2 To initiate 2D plot click View2D button on toolbar.

The data on the 2D plot depends on mode of operation you are currently using.

Fig.3 Charting Stock selection. Assuming that you have selected 3 symbols with Stock selection tool you will have the 2D plot of selected symbols.

Note that selected items are shown as red, un-selected as white symbols. Within Selection tool as shown in Fig.1.

Fig.4 If you use pins to select symbols you will see double pin plot as magenta and cyan plots.

When pins are selected you can read out the data from pins.
When mouse read out is active you can see the current position of the mouse in terms of Ticker, and performance in %.

Fig.5 Read out is possible either with pins or with mouse moved over point of interest. The mouse reports symbol and relative normalized performance in any point of the interest.


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