Image Comparator 2D Software
Image Comparator2D Software: Windows based application.
The Software combines the power of image processor and flexibility of image comparison in 2D mode. It was developed for application that require detailed comparison of the differences between 2 images. The software features several modes of comparison, user friendly interface, built-in interactive help and startup tutors. We recommend to use this together with 3D Forensic enhancement module.

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Main Features. Modes of comparison.
-Side by side double Image Mode
-Blend Together Semitransparent Mode
-Vertical Split Mode
-Horizontal Split Mode
-Combined Full and Range of Interest (ROI) Mode
-Color Enhanced Mode Main Tools.
-Interactive Pan, free move of the images
-Rotation, Test Image
-Measuring Axis
-Pixel Mouse tracker
-Range of interest (ROI) selector
-Crop images
-Pseudo Color (LUT) Enhancement
-Contrast/Brightness enhancement
-Filters Module (upon request)
-Measuring Markers (upon request)
-Most of the major formats supported
-Screen capture for integration with CCD (upon request)
-Custom file format support
-Custom Live video support

Operational System.
-Windows 9x, NT, 2k, XP, Vista

-1.0 GHz processor up
-500 MB RAM memory up (depends on size of images)
-10 GB HD 



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