Forensic Image Comparator in 3D: Palette tool

The tool provides you the possibility to select palette or construct user palette for elevation data. The tool is called from left toolbar with options button .

Screen shot: Palette Selector/Constructor Dialog.

The operation within dialogue:
1. Changing palette to other preprogrammed: Click ::next palette::  button. The control provides up to 10 palettes.

2. Changing (customizing) colors within any palette: Click on any of 8 colors on palette, color selection must appear. Select different custom color.

3. Click "Apply"  button to see changes

4. Monochrome palette (single color for the whole surface):  Uncheck multi color option box. Select desirable color for surface by clicking "single color" box.

5. Click within "back color" square to change Background color.

Screen shot: Axis Options Dialog.

The operation within dialogue:
1. Select Captions, SecondAxis, Grid to unable corresponding option.

2. Check "axis visible" to see the axis

3. Provide Z axis elevation level by pushing scroll on left side "Z position"

4. Change color of the axis by clicking within "axis color" box

5. Click "apply"   button to see changes



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