Forensic Image Comparator in 3D

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Open Files Get file(s) for comparison, This menu item brings double file input dialog
Save 2D Images Save both images to files as bitmap BMP format
Save 3D to File Save 3D scene to file as JPG format
Save Movie (AVI) Save animation to AVI movie file, dialog helps to select CODEC compression options
Print 3D Print 3D image
Exit  Quit the program
Files 1...4 Review several recently open files
3D to Clipboard Copy 3D to clipboard, same as Ctrl+C
Paste to Img1 Paste image from clipboard to reference image 1, same as Ctrl+F1
Paste to Img2 Paste image from clipboard to test image 2, same as Ctrl+F2
Screen to Img1 Paste image from clipboard to reference image 1, same as Sift+F1
Screen to Img2 Paste image from clipboard to reference image 2, same as Sift+F2
- -
Images -
Reload  Reload both images from original files 
Swap  Swap Reference and Test images
Rotate Rotate images in 90 degree steps
Crop Selection Cut image to Range of Interest (ROI) size
Crop Both
Crop both Reference and Test Images
Crop 1
Crop Reference Image
Crop 2
Crop Test Image
- -
Modes Mode of Operation selector
Single Single Image Mode: only reference image used
Double 3D Double Mode: Both images Side by Side in 3D representation
Double 3D/2D Double Mode: Both images, reference in 3D test in 2D representation
- -
Data Preprocessing of images
Smooth 3D Smooth data in both images
Filter Z Values Filter cutoff elevations, brings the form for max/min values setting
Flip Z Invert elevation data
Cut Background Cut-off the background with advanced nonlinear filter
Cut Offset Cutoff the offset of both images
Auto Contrast Set Z scale of the test image 2 to same values as reference image 1
Reload Reload data to original after several filters used
Undo Undo last filter (only one step)
- -
View View Options of the screen
Scrolls 3D window scrolls on/off
Color scale Elevation palette visible on/off
- -
Options Options of 3D
Smooth 3D Smooth data in both images
3D colors Elevation based palette on/off
Contour Contour on/off (reference image)
Data Compress select data compression options
No compression: slow but best quality mode, recommended for 512x512 point images
Medium compression: faster normal quality mode, recommended for 1kx1k point images
Maximum compression: fastest optimized quality mode, recommended for big images
Fast render Fast 3D mode on/off, recommended for all images above 200x200 points
- -
Axis 3D axis options
Visible 3D axis on/off
Axis Options... Axis options form
Grid Axis grid on/off
Show Captions Axis captions on/off, captions content is set in Axis Options form
Font size
3D Axis label size changeable in steps
Label Size UP
Label Size DOWN
- -
Zoom 3D Zoom images
 Zoom + All direction Zoom of both images UP
 Zoom - All direction Zoom of both images Down
 Zoom Z+ Data Zoom of both images UP
 Zoom Z- Data Zoom of both images Down
 Zoom FlatZ Data Zoom of both images Down to FLAT view on/off
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