Forensic Image Comparator3D: Double 3D Mode

General Operation

This is a default mode of operation. This mode initiated after images are loaded. Image1 is the Reference Image. Image2 (also referred as Layer) is the Image under test that is referred as the Test Image. Images can be analyzed in 3 different modes as selected from Menu. This section describes double 3D image mode (default). The modes are changed from Menu> Modes option.

Screen shot: Main Form. Double 3D image mode.

The 3D surfaces constructed from the images are drawn side by side of each other. By default the images are represented as sold surfaces. The test image options are controlled from layer tool that is initiated by button of the main toolbar. With the layer tool you can make the test image (layer) semitransparent by pressing button of the layer tool. The layer can be moved, rotated and zoomed by selecting corresponding mode in Layer toolbar.

The Semitransparent mode permits you to see both images at the same time being blended together at intersection area.

Zygo Interferometric Microscope data: Comparison of 2 bullets
More detail from Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences, PDF 28 MB>

Another powerful option is to represent the test image layer as masked using button as shown below.
The mask is constructed such as to hide the data that has low elevation values.

Screen shot: double 3D image mode, test image layer is used in mask option.

You can adjust layer position, rotation, zoom and other options with main layer toolbar.



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