Forensic Image Comparator in 3D: Double 3D/2D Mode

General Operation

This is the mode of operation in which you can compare images as height 3D and flat 2D image at the same time. This mode initiated from Menu> Modes option as shown below. Image1 is the Reference Image. Image2 (also referred as Layer) is the Image under test that is referred as the Test Image. Images can be analyzed in 3 different modes as selected from Menu. This section describes double 3D image mode (default).

Screen shot: Main Form. Double 3D/2D image mode.

The surfaces are constructed from the images and drawn side by side of each other. The reference images is represented as 3D sold surface, while the test image layer is represented as 2D flat. The options of the test image layer are accessible from the layer tool that is initiated by button of the main toolbar. With the layer tool you can make the test image (layer) semitransparent by pressing button of the layer tool. The layer can be moved, rotated and zoomed by selecting corresponding mode in Layer toolbar.

This mode permits you to see both images at the same time being blended together at intersection area. The comparison is easy since the test layer image can be moved. Rotated and zoomed form the layer tool bar. See comparison of signatures example below.

Screen shot: Double 3D/2D image mode. Signatures comparison.



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