Image Comparator3D: Data Preprocessor.

The data preprocessing options are used to get maximum possible information from the data available. The options are called from Menu>Data as shown below.

Screen shot: Data Preprocessor options.

The preprocessor provides you following options:
-Smooth 3D: smooth elevation data
-Filter Z Values: cutoff the elevations out of the range as set from filter form as shown below
-Flip Z: invert elevation values Z
-Cut Offset: Shift Z in both images such as to fit Zmin=0
-Auto Contrast:
fit range of the test image to range of the reference image
-Cut Background: advanced nonlinear FFT filter
-Undo last operation (one step only)

Filtering of the elevation values (Z) has cutoff options that are selected from special form called from menu.

Screen shot: Data Preprocessor options. Filter Z range Data Preprocessor options.

Use the form to set maximum and minimum values of interest. You can use histogram tool to determine best cutoff values. See Tutor 1 for more information.

If images have significant different brightness use Cut offset.
If images have different contrast use Auto Contrast.
If feature of interest is located on slow changing background use Cut Background.


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