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  EarthWork estimation software in 3D

ScienceGL offers virtual cut-and-fill excavation software for earthwork and material takeoff estimation. The software is based on latest 3D technology that lets you to accelerate your construction earthwork estimation. The most natural perception of the whole cut-and-fill process makes your job faster, easier and more accurate. Unlike of the standard software packages for estimation we provide you new realistic "virtual presence" interactive environment.
Powerful estimating package for construction earthwork and material quantity calculations.

In the screen shots on left side we demonstrate some functionality of the software. Large pictures are available by clicking the thumbs.

Construct the realistic terrain from GPS data, Digital Elevation Model (DEM) or from CAD (computer aided design) data. Make accurate contours of the digital terrain, show 3D contour plot overlay. Evaluate elevations with waterline Z elevation tool. Examine the site in Photorealistic 3D representation mode using virtual walk around on the site. Use interactive measurement tools to measure elevations, distances and volumes of the projected site. Drop markers at the points of interest, mark range of interest (ROI) and volumes in the site. Get intersection 2D cut plots. Use flexible horizontal grids.

The picture on the top is the initial construction site: 3D surface produced from takeoff GPS data as measured on the site. Intersection and volume tool is shown in the plot. Contour overlay is ON. Left Plot shows Volume measuring tool that is combined with waterline Z elevation 3D tool.

Examine initial terrain of the construction site with real time walk-through.
Change in real time angles, zoom and light options with mouse operation.
Use interactive 3D cut and fill tools to change the terrain. Use horizontal grids. Measure quantities from project plans

Left plot is the virtual cut of the site the area cut can be calculated as area, volume removed, elevation of initial and planned site.
Virtual cut and fill tool. With simple mouse drag mark some additional volume(s) for cut and fill with on-flight material quantity calculations and reporting.
Continue cutting and filling the site with calculation of volumes removed and filled.
Measure and construct virtual takeoff semitransparent layer for the construction site. Examine both initial and the project site with multiple surface overlay feature.
Examine newly virtually constructed site in 3-rd dimension with angle, zoom, level of detail, light, and other tools. Apply accurate elevation contouring to your 3D terrain model of the projected site.

Accurate select and measure tools. On the picture left the volume tool is moved to the top of the heel to measure volume above and below waterline.
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