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3D Beam View Profiler Software for Laser Beam measurement and analysis

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Introduced by ScienceGL Inc., 3D Laser Beam View combines power of 2D and OpenGL based 3D visualization.
With newly introduced support of USB 2.0 and FireWire interface our software became the most flexible laser beam analyzing solution. You can get any CCD / CMOS camera of your choose and easily combine it with our software.

Advanced visualization
3D Surface View has inherited advanced visualization capabilities of OpenGL, i.e. the most realistic interpretation of light, material, color, reflection, etc., which gives the surface a real look. Among the other advantages of the 3D visualization important is the possibility to analyze fine structure details of the surface. On image left one can easy notice a line the lower sensitivity line, resulted from incorrect calibration of the imager. 

<Beam profile of double mode He-Ne simple laser

 3D beam visualization examples
Beam topography with colors, shadows and reflections
Topographic coloring of the surface using Look Up Table (LUT) is a common way of beam topography visualization in 2D domain. 3D Beam View gives you additional shadow and reflection facilities. Surface color map as well as background color are selectable from default or user defined gallery.




Fast rendering preserves main surface features.
Real-time rendering 
2 levels of acceleration:
  • pre-compiling and buffering for best performance
  • user selectable detail compression level of detail (LOD) for faster viewing high-resolution images



    Optimized algorithm provides real-time zooming, scaling, rotation, animation without loosing much quality of the 3D surface. The effect of compression can be also considered as low-pass filter.

    Stile Modes: Polygon (a), Wire (b) and Dot (c) 
    Rrendering modes: polygons, lines (wires),  dots

    Wire and dot surfaces preserve all the light shadowing and reflection features that give the surface more realistic look

    Topographic surface of a Diode laser beam. Texture revealed with correct lighting correspond to pixel-to-pixel noise.

    Lighting with different incident angles
    Light direction adjustment in 3D space.
    Beam fine structure is better visualized at certain angle of incidence (see example left).
    Mouse Drag inside Light Position Tool
      Works as if you change the light position

    more user interface features..>

    Contour lines give better perception of the beam structure.

    3D Beam Contour independently selectable 
    -3D Shadow surface
    -3D Contour surface
    -3D Color surface (user defined or default color maps)

    Basic math functions 
    -bunch images averaging
    -images addition and subtraction
    -2D smooth surface 
    -compare surfaces 
    -calibrate CCD
    PRO version only

    Common beam parameters:
    Centroid, power, ISO knife, ISO slit, ellipse, Gaussian true least square fit, etc. Parameters can be averaging over several measured frames.
    Live Power measurement>

    X,Y beam profiles
    CutView Tool 
    Beam Profile visualization with semi-transparent cutting planes (orthogonal slicers)
    Mouse clickable slicers
    Cut View 2D drawing tool 
    more about CutView Tool>

    CutView is designed for fast surface profile inspection. It shows intersection in real-time making easy to analyze beam surface detail. 
    Profile can be saved profile as ASCII (CSV) file


    Data Table
    Built-in Data Table 
    - View and edit data set
    - clipboard copy/paste data subsets
    - redraw data or subset
    - multiple tables support
    - basic math operations
    - save data table
    - data exchange with spreadsheet application (Excel, Lotus, etc.)

     more about data Table>

    Flexible input/output, Automation
    -BMP files
    -ActiveX based communication with user software (PRO optional)
    -VB-script, data exchange via network/internet, etc.
    -output of 3D images, file save, file sequence save (movie)
    -input/output common image formats JPG, BMP, TIFF,  PNG, TGA, WPG, etc. (PRO version only)
    -Clipboard 3D - 2D images and data tables
    -custom formats/automation 

    User friendly interface
      more info 
     3D clickable objects 
     2D ImageView field 
     Light position   example...>
     Palette Tool
     3D picture size panel


    Recommended CCD Imager (sensor)>



    3D Visualization is the Art of Science

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