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3D visualization of the surface measured with an atomic force microscope using semicontact height mode.

Advanced measuring features of the 3D visualization software.

ScienceGL has developed several unique 3D interactive measurement tools for detailed studies of the surface topography. The tools permit you to conduct line and areal (usually referred as one dimensional (1D) and two dimensional (2D), respectively) analyses. Interactive measuring tools combined with 3D visualization and real time angle rotations provide the new lave of surface analysis.

With example images below we demonstrate some features of the operation with our advanced 3D tools.

The AFM measured height data is visualized with 3D AFM/SPM software .
The height of the features is exaggerated for better perception of the fine structures.

3D AFM height image scan shot 1.
The DVD stampler with measuring tools in 3D virtual reality screen.
Depth / Area / Volume imteractive tools ate available for exact measurement of geometrical quantities. Read out with interactive semitransparent cube is presented in the image above. The cube is adjustable to the features of the interest. Volume and area measurement results are returned. Important surface characterization parameters such as 2D and 1D intersection roughness and waveness are optically returned.

3D AFM image screen shot 2.
DVD stampler with measuring tools:
- Volume Measuring Cube
- Arbitrary located intersection read out tool
- Point of interest markers (measuring pins)
The tools return distances, areas, volumes and other geometrical quantities related data.

3D AFM inverted height image screen shot 3.
DVD Stampler inverted disk visualized together with measuring tools: Volume Cube, Measuring pins and arbitrary cut intersection tool. The tools are freely moved in 3D space with mouse in most intuitive manner: Mouse click and move real time mode. The results of the measurements such as distances, mouse XYZ position, Pin XYZ position, 1D cut (intersection plot) are returned for detailed analyses.

3D AFM image screen shot 4.
CD stampler visualized together with orthogonal X and Y intersection cut planes (called in help slicers) for profile reading.
The intersection 1D plot is returned immediately as the planes are moved with mouse drag operation.

3D AFM inverted height image screen shot 5.
DVD stampler inverted 3D representation with volume measuring tool.
The depth of the features can be accurately measured with easy interactive mouse adjusting operation.

Single AFM surface
Multiple Surface PRO samples
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