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Advanced 3D graphics for microscopy
With advances of the nanotechnology the needs for accurate data measurement becoming more and more important. The nano-industry demand for accurate characterization of the materials under investigation and production has resulted in creation of the brand new research area called nanometrology. Nanometrology can be defined as science of the dimensional measurement on the nanometer scale. Successful data analysis for nanometrology implies both good instrument and data processing software.
Visualization of the data is one of the most important tasks of the data processing. While AFM/STM instruments have been significantly improved in accuracy during last several years, the visualization used by most of the researchers remains more or less the same for many years. In many cases the software is the limiting factor when detailed data analysis is required, which is in fact abnormal situation.
See comparison of standard and advanced visualization here.
The advantage of the modern 3D graphics for microscopy is especially big when multiple data sets should be analyzed together in interrelation to each other. See
Multilayer AFM Samples.

ScienceGL offers data visualization and analysis software for various types of microscopes. The software is designed as a virtual reality 3D screen that brings the nanoworld to your for exploration. The 3D representation of the measured image as live real time interactive surface helps to analyze data in most natural and intuitive way.

The software features our unique set of 3D interactive measuring tools such as markers, intersection planes, volume, mouse XYZ position read out, distance measurement, range of interest (ROI) selection. Main parameters of the surface is returned as reports for the whole data set or within specific tool.

Our single surface analyzing package offers advanced yet affordable scientific graphics for professional scientists and students.
The software is available as end user solution and component for developers.

Multiple Surface3D PRO
Gallery 3D
Multilayer AFM Samples

3D AFM Software Help

OpenGL based, fast real-time render
Optimized compression algorithm for large data sets
Animation, real time (up to 50 fps)
Mouse drag controlled rotation
Interactive orthogonal cut planes
1D cut plot (surface/plane intersections)
Interactive mouse operating measurement tools:XYZ distances, area, volume, etc.
Range of interest (ROI) selection tool
Multiple 3D markers (pins)
Mouse position XYZ read out
Predefined and user defined palettes, built in palette construction
Light control, position and intensity 
Independent Zoom in all XYZ directions
Multiple 3D labels: selectable color, position, orientation 
Contour plots
Data Table (Excel compatible)
Custom input file formats support
True 3D XYZ axis, user format or auto formatted. Scalable captions, labels, grids
Rendering modes: polygons, lines (wires),  dots
Random Point (XYZ) support: fast Delaunay, triangulator, structured grid generator
Vector surface support
Flexible output JPG, BMP, AVI
Automation with ActiveX
AutoCAD DXF layer
Textures support
Leveling of second order, Advanced leveling
Stereo Quad Buffer support with OpenGL aware hardware, Stereo markers.
Stereo XYZ,W mouse support
Multilayer surfaces
True RGBA palette
Vector lines support
Scalar color for each pixel (data point)
Stereo XYZ,W mouse support
Environments: VC++, C#, VB.NET, VB, Delphi, Excel, LabView
OS:  Win NT/95/98/ME/2000/XP
 Applications by field
Atomic force, Kelvin probe, magnetic force Microscopy, AFM, KPM, MFM
Scanning tunneling microscopy, STM
Scanning probe microscopy, SPM
Dimensional metrology, Surface metrology
Surface analysis and characterization 
Nanometrology, nanotechnology
Scanning Near Field Optical microscopy, SNOM, NSOM 


Visualization is the Art of Science
Measurements with interactive 3D tools
Quick solutions, more productivity for developers
New vision and more ideas for scientists
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3D visualization for microscopy


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